Here's the Contact Info for Forbes, Lifehacker and 103 Other Online Magazines and Blogs That Are Looking for Writers Right Now

Plus: How to Write for Them Even If You Have No Experience, No Credentials, and Questionable Writing Skills

Did you know Forbes is looking for writers right now?

So is Lifehacker, Problogger, and even the Harvard Business Review.

There's only one tiny problem:

They don't tell you how to contact them.

Go ahead, scour their sites. You won't find the contact info for the editors. At best, you'll find a general email address that serves as a "slush pile" for the thousands of crappy pitches people send them every day.

As you might imagine, emailing these general addresses is rather pointless. Your chances of getting a response are about as good as winning the lottery.

So, how do other writers get published?

They have connections. Usually, they know somebody who writes for the publication, and they ask for an introduction.

But what if you aren't friends with writers at all the top sites?

Well, in the past, you were pretty much screwed. Even if you had a really great pitch, it was almost impossible to get it in front of the right editor.

But not anymore.

Over the last few years, I've helped hundreds of writers get published at all the top sites. Forbes, the Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Problogger, Get Rich Slowly – our students have written for all of them, plus dozens of others.

Let’s take a look at an example.

A Little-Known Secret to Getting Free Exposure

You’ve heard of Forbes magazine, right?

Well, what if I told you I could get you featured on Forbes for free within 30 days?

You’d think I was some kind of scam artist, right?

But look at this…

That’s a screenshot of a link on Forbes to the website of one of my students. I could show you similar screenshots from the Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Copyblogger, Tiny Buddha, and dozens of other sites.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have some magic ability for getting people featured on top sites. It’s just that I know one thing lots of other people don’t:

Top magazines and blogs are so desperate for writers they are willing to trade links in exchange for articles.

They don’t care if you have any credentials.

They don’t care if you’ve been published before.

They don’t even really care if you’re a polished writer.

The bottom line?

They need content, and if you can provide it, they’ll give you all the free exposure you could possibly want.

Here’s How the Process Works:

You write a useful article for them.

If they like it, they accept it and publish it. Instead of paying you for the article, they link to a website of your choice at the bottom.

You can use that link to promote your own blog, business, nonprofit, whatever. You decide.

Of course, it’s only one or two big sites doing this, right? Certainly it’s just a passing fad?

Well, it’s been going on for over five years now without stopping. Over those years, I’ve grown a list of 103 massive online magazines and blogs willing to offer you the same deal. Right now. Today.

What’s more, I’ve gathered their contact information, writers guidelines, the name of the editor, and everything else you need to know to get published. I call it the “Big Black Book,” and you can download a copy of the entire thing to your computer within the next five minutes.

It's Yours: A Rolodex of the Biggest Sites Online

Let’s say you are passionate about helping people improve their diet. You’d love to write some articles to dispel all the myths out there.

Well, you can turn to the Self-Improvement section of the Big Black Book, and there are about a dozen sites to choose from, including the blog of Tim Ferriss, three-time #1 New York Times best-selling author. The Big Black Book gives you his writer guidelines, a link showing you where to submit your post, and everything else you need.

But what if you’re not into self-improvement?

What if you’re a freelance graphic designer, and you want to write for top online magazines as a way to get businesses to hire you?

Well, the Big Black Book has you covered there too. Just flip to the Business & Entrepreneurship section for a listing of sites small business owners read on a regular basis. Included in the list, you’ll find Forbes, Fast Company, and even The Harvard Business Review.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a screenshot of the listing for Fast Company:

Those underlined words at the top are all links. Next up, you have a short description of the site. From there, you’ll find the contact information for the editor, which I’ve blurred out for now.

The bottom line?

Short and sweet, but it gives you everything you need.

Here’s a list of the categories we include:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Career Advice
  • Creative Endeavors (including things like photography, design, and interior decorating)
  • Freelancing
  • Gadgets and Technology
  • Marketing
  • News, Culture, and Entertainment
  • Parenting
  • Personal Finance
  • Self Improvement
  • Social Media and Blogging

Which category is right for you?

Well, you'll have to download the Big Black Book and see!

Here’s How to Download Your Copy of the Big Black Book

The bad news?

I can’t give it to you for free. I spend significant time and money updating the list, and so I need to charge you a little something to recoup the costs.

To be frank, it’s worth thousands of dollars to the right person. You can’t find information this extensive anywhere online.

So, what am I charging?

$49? $99? $500? *gulp*

Actually, no. I only want seven bucks.

That’s not a typo. $7. Nothing more.


Well, three reasons:

  1. $7 puts the Big Black Book within the reach of almost everyone. It's not too expensive, even if you're out of work.
  2. Anyone who’s not serious enough about getting exposure to invest $7 doesn’t deserve the information.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy the Big Black Book has the opportunity to recoup their investment many times over, even if they publish only a single article.


It's cheap because I think it should be.

There’s no catch. Click the “Add to Cart” button below, and you can be flipping through it, seeing the email addresses of editors at top publications within five minutes.


Let’s say you buy it, and you can’t find a website that’s a good fit for you, or it’s just not what you expected. What should you do?

Just send me an email within 30 days, and I’ll refund your $7. You don’t have to explain your reasoning or convince me to do it. Just tell me you want a refund, and the money will go back onto your card, no questions asked.

How is that fair?

So, go ahead and click the “Add to Cart” button above. You’ll have your copy of the Big Black Book within five minutes.