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I'm an  Editor

Tired of getting pitches that are off-topic or just plain bad? Let us introduce you to our students. We've trained them to write for the top online magazines and blogs in the world, not only teaching them how to send you a quality pitch, but also how to write posts that go viral and get lots of traffic.

I'm a Writer

Want to write for sites like Forbes, Lifehacker, or Business Insider? We provide a top-notch certification program that will make you one of the most highly trained writers online. You'll learn how to connect with editors, write incredible articles, and much more.

I'm a Business Owner

Ever notice how some businesses seem to be media darlings, getting free publicity at every turn? You might assume they are paying a publicist a fortune, but that's not always true. There is actually a "back door" to get all the publicity you want for free, and we can teach you exactly how to do it.

A lot of people contact me wanting to write for Problogger, but I have to say, your students' ideas, pitches, and posts are some of the best I receive.

Darren Rowse Problogger.net